Warren Aguilar
Universal Technical Institute
Aspiring Master Technician

Come ups and 2nd place winnings of the night, Shorty kit For Kayfun X TOBH Atty X Kryptonite Drip Tip and also got two juices with the winnings lol Grim Creations Vanilla Custard and Cosmic Fog Milk and Honey

Stealth Drippin’. 4nine Mod 350 mode X 24kG Enigma. (at Vapor Parlor)

@vaporparlor restock on R&R juices! Come through! (at Vapor Parlor)

My #WCW, my girlfriend, my booger, my love, my partner, my build-buddy, @jezelleann ๐Ÿ‘ซ๐Ÿ’โค๏ธ

Geyser Build (Verticle Nanos) (at In The Clouds)

Geyser Build. (Verticle Nanos) (at In The Clouds)

4Nine Mod X Brass Monkee RDA X Elegant Wide Bore #4NINEGANG


Chillin (at Vapor Parlor)

My morning. (at Pho Ki Tall)

Genesis style tanks and I have had a really rough relationship. When you do her right, she’s nothing but faithful.

WSUP LA I’ll be participating!

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