Warren Aguilar
Universal Technical Institute
Aspiring Master Technician

#TBTB throwback thursday build. Ekowool + Flatwire . Come on in today @vaporparlor to get your OG builds done. (at Vapor Parlor)

Slug Build (Dual Micro Verticle) (at In The Clouds)

Ventura beach last friday with the bebe ❤️🌊👫 @jezelleann (at Ventura Beach)

#Handcheck for the day (at Vapor Parlor)

Tonight’s #Handcheck Mystic Atmos X Tobh Atty X Copper 4nine Mod

Dad, I know sometimes you aren’t there for me, well make that 12 years. I’m not not gonna hold it against you now. By not being there for me, I learned how to cook, how to raise my little brothers, drive, find a job, graduated highschool, had my first girlfriend, started college, moved out on my own but in every picture within those memories, you were missing. I learned a lot because you weren’t there. But the one thing I didn’t learn was how to be a father. The drugs fucked you up. The jail time you’ve spent fucked the time up to be with you. I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you on the day of Father’s Day, good catching up and seeing you the other day. No grudges held anymore. I hope for the best for you. Hope you enjoyed your Father’s Day. -Warren

Hand Check . (at Kaizen Fusion Roll & Sushi)

Dinner at Mr.Lucky’s in Las vegas with @thevapory_reno and @jezelleann @frshagen_vrc @rj_vrc

We out here! VIP though. What a blessed day.

Beach day with the girlfriend at Ventura State-Beach, @jezelleann and also Video Editjng Credits to her! Geeze I’m blessed with the best. 🌊👫❤️

Come ups and 2nd place winnings of the night, Shorty kit For Kayfun X TOBH Atty X Kryptonite Drip Tip and also got two juices with the winnings lol Grim Creations Vanilla Custard and Cosmic Fog Milk and Honey

Stealth Drippin’. 4nine Mod 350 mode X 24kG Enigma. (at Vapor Parlor)

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