Warren Aguilar
Universal Technical Institute
Aspiring Master Technician

WSUP LA I’ll be participating!

Felt simply fly today.

Bitch, Fuck yo cigarettes.

Resistance. (at Cast Iron Tattoo)

I’ll be here till close (10:00pm) @vaporparlor Franklin location with @jezelleann . Come by say whats up, pick up some juice or out hang out with us! (at Vapor Parlor)

Come through! @vaporparlor (at Vapor Parlor)

💥💨 (at In The Clouds)

I Call it “Grabbing Coils” (at Vapor Parlor)

Babe got me this dope case for my vape belingings. $30 haha . Thanks booger! 💨💼

Went through some old files. Look what I made in highschool! Haha

4nine mod haha come ups!

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