Warren Aguilar
Universal Technical Institute
Aspiring Master Technician

Hiero Day. SF, CA. I know yall like that trap shit but trace your roots back to hip hop. @hieroglyphics crew !

Hiero Day. SF, CA (at Oakland City Center)

Chillin at @thevapory_reno with @jezelleann @ianreign_vrc @frshagen_vrc @blak3th3snak1 and take a good look ar @ianreign_vrc in the beginning and the end of the clip. This ninja. (at The Vapory Reno)

The Season Of Fall. We rise, we fall. We hurt, we heal. We can, we can’t. We could only live life as it is. Watching things change over and over again until we realize its just a cycle of seasons. But why does it hurt? This cycle is so big but we don’t come to realize that everything will be okay sooner or later. This pain, guilt and ache; is only a matter of time before it goes. Thus happiness, victory and triumph will ALWAYS make their way into the picture no matter when , but with a matter of WILL. -Yours Truly , WA

Current #ModCheck | HexOhm Mod | DB Da Mini V2 | IPV2

Turnup! W/ @vapebox916 (at Vapebox)

Quarts X LA Chimney X Reaper Flush Cap X DB DNA30. Kayfun Ballin Lol.

RIP Robin Williams. Your work will be forever apart of my childhood.

TaylorSh*t (at Vapor Parlor)

It felt like a DNA-30 type of Day at @vapebox916 yesterday .

Sushi with @jezelleann 🍣👫 (at Ninja Sushi Sacramento)

My other workflow. 🍩🍦 (at The Parlor (Ice Cream Puffs))

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